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Be aware that I'll talk about mental health related stuff here! I'll always TW it tho dw

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not to be gay but im literally homosexual

should i do dream diaries on here? I have tons of werid dreams

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here are some cosplays ive seen around feral!

[id: a collection of screenshots of the game They show players who have designed their avatars to look like other characters.

  • castawaykobold is cosplaying the NPC castaway (while standing right beside them)

  • zinc is cosplaying ralsei

  • burritocat is cosplaying eevee

  • bistro is cosplaying ink!sans

  • gloomybutt is cosplaying milotic

end id.]

i almost forgot about this one lol

the tiger on the left is drawn from memory and the one on the right is copied from a picture :)

painting from a dream

this is the one i'm most proud of! Its based off a dream i had the night before. ik its not the best but its the best landscape i've ever done and i ended up liking it :) i was gonna add a dragon but i didnt have enough time. I'll try and finish it one day haha


I copied off of pictures for both of these :) they were really fun to draw

asmo -



This is the design I ended up deciding on for the tshirt :D I've never done spirit fanart before this but now i wanna do more :3

doodle things

heres some of the more doodley things i did.
first are just some sketches I did during a lunch break, then there's a sketch idea for a tshirt (of a scene in and then some thumbnails, and lastly a cup design :) I didnt actually draw on a cup tho just on a picture of one haha

Art class stuff

SO I went to an art class a week or so ago! I'm gonna spam post all the stuff i drew while there now.
First we have some rendering stuff. its not really done but I am pretty proud of the pick fabric one, it turned out way better than expected :D

gonna be traveling this week :D

Maybe I'll make a pretty pinned post today :3

I'm writing a new song called Oxygen rn and I'm trying not to worry abt how "good" it is, I'm just trying to put all my emotions into it. I feel like I can make other people understand how I feel if I can just get it on paper ya know. Like if I could just express myself enough somebody would hear me

I exist I exist I exist by flatsound stuck in my head a lot lately

There are so many fucking racist people in my school holy shit
I'm gonna fucking drop out I swear


This is the latest art I finished! I'd been wanting to make some anthro art of maltie so I finally did :3

I don't have anything else to post now tho xD


This is my main fursonas scrap ref. I'll do a big write up on them when I make their big ref :)

Happy Pride!

Late post but this is my pride art for this year!

Characters belong to my friends Noodle (left) and Ski~ (right), center is mine :)

The Light to Leave Us

I finished this last year, it was a huge project that I worked on for mONths and now looking at it the anatomy is super off but I'm still proud :') This was the first thing I did in a painting sorta style.

Also ft. my old fursona Shathakin :3

I have this fantasy going on where I'm not really tired all the time because of mental health stuff but because I've got a massive growth spurt coming and I'm going to grow to 6'1"

Today I bring you...

Digital sketchdump and my fursonas old ref!

Sketchdump speaks for itself, its mostly just stuff I never finished lol.

I had to absoultey SHIT on the quaility of the ref to get it under 10 MB xD
My main fursona Cymaltuvern used to be called Shathakin. I pretty much completely changed their them when I redesigned them (their pronouns are they/them but they used to be she/her, plz ignore that ;-;) I'll post their new scrap ref soon!

In Silence

With crooked legs I lost in dream,
Stand on nothing, too fall and scream,
Sound falls short in the dead of space,
In Silence here, the loudest place,

I've been trying not to just spam vent art, but this is one I feel ok posting.

I only ever draw them on an abstract starry blue background

The first one is more recent, the second is Stars, which I kinda wanna redraw lol. Both ft. Cymaltuvern, my fursona!

Two more doodle-y things

The blue one is Cherillick, and the wolf is Eslerie :)

I wanna work on my Toyhouse page and things but I have no motivation ;-;

Also fun fact I posted this two seconds ago but I realised I didn't post it as art just as pictures and so yeah

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Finally pulled out my acrylic ink again and messed around with it on glass. Idk if I'm done with it yet, but it's so pretty

Art I did for others!

Heres some art I did for ppl :3

The black and white creature who's staring into the sunset belongs to my friend Noodle.thing- we did a lit art trade a while back, go check out her insta!!

The anthro deer is my other friend AArdour's <3 (I'll link their insta later my school has it blocked >:(

The white dragon is's mascot- I liked how simple the character was so I decided to use them for fur practice. I'm following a TON of in-dev art sites rn xD

And lastly is an old request of XxSynisterxX's (dA, again I'll link it soon!!) character!